Harmondsworth Great Tithe Barn

Heathrow Airport Ltd wants to bulldoze us off the Face of the Earth to increase profits for its foreign shareholders!

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Harmondsworth Barn Tithe Barn Heathrow Villages plant sale Datchet Border Morris Dancers built 1426
Ancient Harmondsworth Barn Great Hatmondsworth Barn Oak frame Sign posted Barn information on gate
Outside Harmondsworth Great Barn Mayor of Hillingdon Harmondsworth Tithe Barn History of Harmondsworth Barn Kings Queens since Harmondsworth Barn was built in 1426
Inside Harmondsworth Barn Souvenirs of Harmondsworth Barn Harmondsworth Barn Info 200 yrs of Harmondsworth Barn Harmondsworth Barn in medieval times
Surrounding farms 15th Centuary Oak peg Timber framing Manor Farm Harmondsworth Old Manor farmhouse Harmondsworth
Roof tiles Hand made roof tiles Harmondsworth Barn tiles Harmondsworth Barn hand made roof tiles Timber battens
Harmondsworth Barn since 1792 Manor farm Farming market gardening Sir William Paget Medieval carpentry
Sheaves of wheat Medieval times Harmondsworth Village Horse drawn farm machinery Timber threshing floor
Medieval sickles Flails to thresh medieval grain Tarred oak board Mideival builders  

World War 1 displays

WW1 ancestory Ancestory research Family history research Centenary of WW1 Women Alfred Barwick
map of WW1 Parish heroes WW1 Centenary World War 1 Soldiers World War 1 people South East NFU
WW1 horse drawn fire engine WW1 Horse drawn carts WW1 Centenary Horse cart transport display    
Farming over the ages

A Century of local agriculture Winnowing machine Farming in Middlesex Harmondsworth Parish Barn R & R Barwick farmers & growers
Duke of Northumberland river Farming and market gardening Brentford wholesale markets Winnowing machine  
Horse drawn farm machinery Your food Our future Horse drawn farm machinery    
World War II displays

Defences around heathrow 1st Middlesex battalion Air raid precautions WW2 Womens roles Laser scanning
WW2 shrapnel WW2 Shrapnel The Land Army Lasses Farmer finned Farmers and growers society
1926 Newspapers 1962 Newspapers      
Renovating 2014

Barn repairs 2014 191 feet long Winchester College 1871 drawing Manor Farm Barn
15th Century moulded Joists Roof battens English Heritage funded Door post Carpentry demonstrations
County of Middlesex Carpenters shop Mortice and tendons Medieval builders Barn Paintings
Tv recording Restoration Highly commended      
Local Wildlife

Wasp nests Fox skulls Bats Tawney owls and bats Wild life
Bay displays bird nests Mary Queen of Scotts film Information sheets Harmondsworth Moor owners
Bats Little owl Barn owl pellets Ground beetles Wood mouse
Colne Valley Regional Park Brown long eared bats Nathusius Pipistrelle bat Hillingdon wildlife Walk around Harmondsworth Moor
Displays in Bays

Friends of the Great Barn Datchet Border Morris Dancers Open house Philip Sherwood display Local attractions
Guide Dr Justine Bayley Harmondsworth residential properties Map of Heathrow Farm & Heathrow Hall Longford Moor map Moor bridge map

Heritage assets Dream on... Information paddles Open durning Covid-19