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Heathrow Airport Ltd wants to bulldoze us off the Face of the Earth to increase profits for its foreign shareholders!


Tue, Jun 22 2021

I got fed up seeing the graffiti in the substation at the entrance to Longford Village.. so I reported it and requested they sort it ;-)
Fingers crossed.


From: Distribution General Enquiries [ge@ssen.co.uk]

Your job will be scheduled shortly…

Thank you for contacting us to initiate a clean up of graffiti on one of our substations. We appreciate you taking the time to advise us of its current condition. Thank you for providing us with the what3words.com words to correctly identify the substation. Looking at our maps, I have deduced the substation you are referring to is called KINGSBRIDGE S/S.

I can confirm your job details have now been passed to our Substation Repair team to arrange a convenient date for one of our engineers to attend. Within the next 5 working days a member of our Substation Repair team will contact you on the telephone number you provided to schedule an appointment if you have requested updates. We understand that your plans may change, so if you need to amend or cancel this appointment, or if you simply have a question about it, please feel free to contact us using any of the methods at the bottom of this email.

If you have any further queries relating to this job, please respond to this email and we will endeavour to reply within 2 working days (excluding weekends) or call 0800 0483516 selecting option 3 (Monday to Friday 08:00-17:00) to speak to an advisor.

We are committed to providing an efficient, 10/10 service to all of our customers and we hope the service you experienced has met this expectation today. In order to improve the service we provide to you, and to fulfil our regulatory obligations, we may pass your details onto a trusted third party to carry out an independent customer satisfaction survey but your information will not be used for any other purpose. You can always opt out, so just respond to this email if you would not like to be included.

Kind regards,
The General Enquiries Team at Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

Have a question or want to amend your appointment? You can call us on 0800 048 3516 (option 3) or send us an email at GE@ssen.co.uk – we’re here 8am – 5pm (Mon – Fri). Alternatively, you can send us a message through Facebook Messenger 24 hours a day by clicking here.

Thank you in advance.
SSEN General Enquiries
T: 0800 048 3516 (option 3)


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Can we please requst the graffiti in our local substation is removed? (what3words location ///shack.give.those ) There are 3 fence panels to the rear on the substation covered with this eyesore.
Christian Hughes
Chairman - Longford Residents Association

Community Garden in Longford Village
Mon, Mar 15 2021

To: Alan Boyd

Hi Alan,
That’s fine with me, please pass on my details.
Best Regards
Christian Hughes


On 15 Mar 2021, at 08:26, alan boyd wrote:

The Grow Heathrow group are keen to contact local groups to discuss community gardens and plantings. Is it OK if I give them your email addresses.


On Sat, Mar 13, 2021 at 5:41 PM Hylton Garriock wrote:
Hi Alan

I'll .cc Christian (Chairman of the Longford Residents Association) in case he has more information about these possible sites.

I've attached a google-map showing the 3 possible sites:-

A) An attached photo that Ive just taken. This is a large lawned area (owned by the council), opposite the Kids Nursery School that is owned by Arora. One end of the lawned area is an abandoned Barn brick wall, the other end is a "Square" house besides the canal. There used to be houses behind this lawn, but they were demolished around 2010 for plans for a large hotel to be built... but they were put on ice with the threat of the 3rd Runway. The occupant of the large Square house communicates with the proposed Hotel owners, and he put a nice Concrete/wooded fence along the back of the lawn last year.

B) 1834 Kings Bridge
On the right of this photo - that narrow bit of land between the tarred pedestrian pavement and the steel-barrred-fence... up to the green bridge (from the Electricity transformer that is fenced off on the side of the road), ie. the bit of land at the entrance to Longford Village... just beyond, and opposite the Heathrow Special Needs Farm. I mow this land and plant flowers there... unfortunately pedestrians steal all the flowers (as you'll see, they have just cut and stolen all 200 daffodil's now!) ****Warning, On the rest of the land from the Electricity Transformer to the Longford Roundabout is Heathrows property and covered in ground Ivy.
Longford Village is a one-way road, and this is the entrance for cars that slow down, before driving over the narrow bridge - so is ideal for flowers.

C) Longford Village center green
This is Hillingdon Council owned Longford Village Green beside the stream. It is 30 meters off the main Bath road, but fully visible from it, and is at the entrance to the private road to the Island residences. We have tried to get the council to put a village Christmas tree there at Christmas time - but without luck.

Longford Village may seem freezing cold and deserted this evening with lock-down, but as we found out with the Village Christmas Tree's - there are dozens of families who take their kids out two or three times a day for walks to the two village parks - and would probably divert to your community garden.

Kindest regards


On Saturday, March 13, 2021, 02:58:13 PM GMT, alan boyd wrote:

The grow heathrow team would like to create a community garden on some unused land. I think you said that there may be a suitable plot in Longford.
any ideas?

Longford Residents Flood Risk

To: Victoria Boorman vboorman@hillingdon.gov.uk
Tue, May 25 at 1:27 PM

Hi Vicky,
Thanks for chasing up on this. I’m free on Thursday after 330pm or Friday before 1pm if either of those work for you?
Happy to have a call or use MS Teams if you prefer.
Please let me know


On the 06 May 2021, Victoria Boorman vboorman@hillingdon.gov.uk wrote to Christian to have a chat about the level of risk to Longford and as a residents association whether we have a community flood plan and the risks and actions we can take and contacts that we may need in an emergency.

Virtual Residents' Planning Forum Meeting

Virtual Residents' Planning Forum Meeting Thur 20th May 2021
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Microsoft Teams Meeting

Notes of Virtual Residents Planning Forum Meeting
Thursday 20 May 2021

Jackie Redrup (Eastcote RA)
Lesley Crowcroft (Eastcote Conservation)
Janet Brown (Harefield Tenants RA)
Jane Taylor (Harmondsworth & Sipson RA)
Christine Taylor (Harmondsworth & Sipson RA)
Azad Ahmed (Hayes Garden Village)
Graham Bartram (Ruislip RA & HARA)
Jill Dalton (Ickenham RA)
Bob Parsons (North Uxbridge RA)
Alan & Margaret Atkinson (Garden City Estate RA)
Sjur Berven (Northwood Hills RA)
Trevor Sherling (Northwood RA)
Jane Turnbull (Oak Farm RA)
Paul Atkinson (South Ruislip RA)
Brenda Jackson (South Ruislip RA)
Anthony Lynam (Yiewsley & West Drayton TCG)

From LBH
Noel Kelly (Interim Head of Development Management)
Julie Johnson (Planning Policy Team Manager)
Manisha Pabari (Admin)

Apologies received from:
Hanne Raeder (Ickenham RA)
Lynn Douglass (Ickenham RA)
Keith Saunders (Yiewsley & West Drayton TCG)
Pauline Crawley (Harefield Tenants & RA)

1, Welcome / Housekeeping
Noel Kelly welcomed everyone to the meeting and briefly went through the meeting’s agenda and introduced LBH officers. Actions:

2, Presentation slides attached below
Planning Policy (London Plan & Other Policy Updates) - Julia Johnson
Julie provided forum members brief updates on the following:

Local Plan Review – the Planning Policy team are in the process of writing a Cabinet report for June Cabinet to start a partial review of the Local Plan. Part 2 was adopted in 2020, but Part 1 dates back to November 2012 which have some strategic policies around growth areas, housing targets etc. There are things that the Council need to review such as environment, climate change economic recovery etc. It will be a multi-year process, with a Government deadline of December 2023, ahead of a new procedure that the Government wish to bring in by 2024. This will enable the Council to be in a good position when the new planning system is brought in by 2024. The Council will be undertaking a new Green Belt review as part of this process, open space review, character studies, essence of tall buildings, economic assessments etc – which will all be evidence-based work.

Article 4 Directions – Class MA – There is a new Permitted Development Right which is due to come in on the 1 August 2021 which is Use Class E (Commercial, Business and Service Use to Dwellings). Permitted Development Rights for a change of use of a building and any land within its curtilage from Class E (commercial, business and service) to a use falling within Class C3 (dwellinghouses). The rights have conditions restricting the qualifying floorspace to no more than 1,500m2 and the building must have been vacant for 3 months before prior notification applications can be made. This has raised some concerns and the Council could lose control of our town centres, as we could have shops converting into residential without much control. Therefore, the Council are going to put forward an Article 4 Direction to try and remove those powers within the town centres and what we class as our minor centres and parades. The Council will need to gather evidence together to demonstrate matters of national significance which would harm local amenity, the historic environment or the proper planning of the area. The Council will propose an Article 4 to Government and wait 12 months and anytime over that period the Government can come and instruct a modification and/ or ask the Council to withdraw it. A report will be presented to full Council in July 2021 and thereafter the Council will post the notices in all the relevant areas in August 2021 and wait 12 months. In the interim, the office to residential Permitted Development Right will be saved for 1 year, from 1 August 2021 to the following year and thereafter fall away.

Update to the Planning Obligations SPD – There will be an update in July 2021 to the Planning Obligations SPD – this is what the Council use to inform our Section 106 negotiations with developers. Updates are required to reflect the current legislation. A full public consultation will take place.

Consultation on a New Statement of Community Involvement - Julia went through a short presentation on the Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) 2021 update.

*(To view presentation, please double click icon above)

The SCI is a statutory document that sets out how the Council will involve and engage with the community in the planning process.

The SCI establishes formal arrangements and standards to enable the community to know how and when they will be involved in the preparation, alterations and review of Hillingdon’s Development Plan and other policy documents, and how they will be consulted on planning applications.

Julia presented the following key points (*which can be viewed in more detail in the above presentation):
The purpose of the SCI, Why it is being updated
Main areas of the planning system the local community can get involved in Planning documents/processes for which engagement strategies are covered in the SCI
What’s new in the updated SCI, How the local community can get involved

A report will be going to June Cabinet to start a consultation on a new a new Statement of Community Involvement. The SCI document will be published and be available to view on the Council’s website during the consultation period. Following the consultation, a report will be going to full Council in autumn.

Q. Sjur Berven (Northwood Hills RA) – Multiple planning permissions have been sought recently for several neighbouring houses - could the Council/ Government enforce a period of time whereby planning applications cannot be submitted once a property has been bought?

A. Noel advised that unfortunately there are limitations as to what the Council can do with schemes that are deemed to constitute Permitted Development. Perhaps concerns can be expressed to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) and/ or your local MP who could lobby on your behalf.

Q. Graham Bartram (Ruislip RA & HARA) – Raised concerns regarding community involvement in the planning process and planning applications which are amended but nobody is advised that they have been amended. There does not seem to be a system whereby every property affected by the proposal is receiving a planning consultation letter. There must be a better way to consult other than erecting site notices and writing to just neighbouring properties?

A. Noel advised that the Planning Department is not required legislatively to carry out re-consultations on every amendment to a planning application during the live application process. Planning Officers for instance can negotiate a reduction to the scale of a proposed development and in such instances a re-consultation process would not be required. Generally, if there is an increase to the size of a development or a material alteration to the scheme, Officers will carry out a re-consultation process and invite comments from residents most affected by the proposed development.

Regarding Site Notices, Noel advised that before the pandemic the Planning Department went beyond the legislative requirements - the Development Management Procedure Order states that Local Planning Authorities have 2 options when it comes to the public consultation process for Minor, Other and Householder Applications: Erect a Site Notice OR;
Consult the adjoining properties via letter

As a matter of course the LBH Planning used to erect Site Notices and issued letters to adjoining residents. It is considered that the pandemic and the restriction on movements created some logistical issues for the Planning Department and it was agreed by management that from April 2020 Planning Officers would only erect Statutory Site Notices (i.e. Site Notices for proposals in Conservation Areas, Green Belt development, Listed Buildings and most Major Development). LBH Planning ceased the practice of erecting Site Notices for Minor, Other and Householder applications where the above site constraints did not apply. We will be reviewing our consultation process as we move out of lockdown restrictions and residents are advised to provide any commentary on the consultation process through the SCI consultation process.

Regarding legislation on who should be consulted, it’s generally adjoining and surrounding properties who are consulted (properties that share a boundary with an application site). In conjunction with the consultation process for the Statement of Community Involvement, it may be a good opportunity to look at the parameters of how we carry out consultations and engagement with local residents moving forward.

Graham suggested having an electronic sign-up process within Hillingdon whereby people can sign-up to receive electronic notifications of planning consultations. This would save on postage of consultation letters being sent out and could also reduce time.

Noel advised that we need to ensure that consultations are not in excess of Government legislation and ensure that any new approaches to public consultation are sensible and robust.

Noel suggested that residents can feed any comments/suggestions they may have into the SCI consultation process.

Q. Janet Brown (Harefield Tenants RA) – As per Julia’s presentation regarding the process involving the Green Belt review, will the Council also undertake a Brownfield site review across the borough (reviewing the Council’s current register)?

A. Julia advised that the Brownfield site register is not reviewed, there is criteria as to what goes on it and the Council carry this out every year for sites with planning permission. Therefore, the Council would only add new sites with Permission in Principle, but other than that a review would not take place.

Noel advised that any further questions can be emailed to Manisha to record on the Q & A spreadsheet and that he will get back to forum members in due course.

3. Planning Transformation – Noel Kelly

Noel provided a verbal update on the Planning transformation and work which has been progressing.

Noel advised that there has been quite a shift in how the Council are now processing planning applications. As advised at the last meeting in February, a review of delivery of service from Terraquest was carried out, a report was taken to December 2020 Cabinet and the Council had decided that they would not be extending/renewing the Terraquest Contract past its end point (8th May 2021) and that the Council would look at a new way of delivering the Planning Service.

The Council are in the process of creating 2 Area Planning Teams (North and Central and South).

Since February, the Council launched one of the largest recruitment campaigns in a bid to recruit to 18 positions. Circa 50 virtual interviews took place in March and April. Several good candidates have been recruited and Noel will share a progress note with further details shortly. To date 10 positions within the new structure have been filled, and a Team Leader, Principal Planning Officer and 2 x Planning Processing Officers will be joining the Planning Department in July 2021. We will also be looking to recruit 2 x Planning Apprentices into these newly created Teams. Consequently, we are going through a transition period and this will inevitably lead to some disruption in the short-term as applications are reallocated to new Planning Officers.

Since the 1 April, Noel has been working on transition measures as the TerraQuest Contract was coming to an end. Terraquest had approximately 600 planning applications at the start of April and a Plan was devised to significantly reduce the number of planning applications being processed by TerraQuest up to the end of the contract period. Various techniques have been utilised to manage the caseload and in addition to the substantial recruitment programme, existing in-house staffing resources have been utilised to process Minor, Other and Householder Applications. These measures ensured that as many planning submissions as practicably possible could be processed within the set time limits and without the creation of a backlog.

From the outset of this transformation exercise, there were deficiencies identified on how the service was being delivered by Terraquest over the last number of years and the Council are confident that in the short to medium term changes will work for residents in terms of the engagement within the planning process. The transition to a new way of working and the processing of applications is being managed well at present and by July we expect to be in a much better position to review processes and procedures and the Statement of Community Involvement process will form part of that review. The Council would like to hear proposals from local residents in so far as it relates to improvements that could be implemented.

Q. Graham Bartram (Ruislip RA & HARA) – At last night’s North Planning Committee there was an item on appeal for grounds of non-determination, there are also quite a few Major applications which are due for a decision within the next week or so, but have yet to go to Major Planning Committee and are therefore liable for appeal on grounds of non-determination which is a worrying as it would put residents in a bad position in terms of community involvement as residents would not have a say if applications go to appeal for that purpose. Can the Council assure us that that will be the last of the transition problems?

A. Noel advised that applications have been re-allocated to existing and new staff and it will definitely improve the current situation. Noel advised that figures are being monitored every week, however there is a high case load at present as the Planning department are receiving between 500-600 applications a month at the moment. It is in the Council’s vested interest to ensure all planning applications are determined on time and if Graham has a list of cases that he would like Noel to look in to, he will do so.

Graham mentioned 1-2 Station Parade, West Ruislip which Noel will look in to.

Noel advised that Terraquest had 15 Planning Officers/ Managers who were servicing the Hillingdon Contract at the end of February 2021. However, by 1 April 2021 this resourcing was reduced to 9 Planning Officers/ managers. There was a mass exodus of staff following the announcement of the termination of the Terraquest Contract. Terraquest had an obligation to ensure they had the resources to process the applications, but the reality was that they were not able to secure additional recruitment and accordingly by the end of the contract period of 8 May 2021, TerraQuest had just 6 officers working on the delivery of the Contract.

Graham also mentioned the outcome of another application at last night’s Planning Committee re the Windmill Hill telecom mast – officer’s report recommended approval, however Councillors unanimously refused it.

Noel advised that usually he has a debrief with James Rodger following Planning Committees, but they have not had one yet, but will investigate what happened in the case of Windmill Hill.

Noel also mentioned that the MHCLG are looking into PD rights for telecom masts that could allow for the erection of masts up to 15 metres in height outside of Conservation Areas and if this comes forward there will be no consultations taking place and such masts could also fall outside the current prior approval process. The Council have responded to the MHCLG Consultation Process setting out our concerns regarding the proposed easing of planning restrictions in so far as it relates to masts.

4. Majors Apps Update – Noel Kelly

Noel advised that the Council are not receiving a high volume of Major planning applications at present and this seems to be the same situation across other West London Councils.

Updates on Existing Schemes:

Guild Living, Harefield Road, Uxbridge - Application Update: Re-consultation on amended plans and supporting documents for comprehensive redevelopment of the site comprising demolition of existing buildings to provide residential care accommodation (Use Class C2) with ancillary uses and commercial unit at ground floor level (Use Class E) in buildings up to 7 storeys with car parking, landscaping and associated works. Application to be reported to Major Applications Planning Committee in June with a recommendation for approval.

Glebe Farm - Demolition of existing industrial buildings, removal of all external industrial storage and redevelopment of site to provide 29 dwellings (7 x 1-bed and 10 x 2- bed, 8 x 3-bed houses and 4 x 4-bed houses) and the restoration and conversion of locally listed building to create two office suites, provision of open space, associated parking and landscaping, including creation of footpath to adjacent war memorial and gardens. A petition has been received in support of the scheme. The property has lawful commercial uses and in some parts of the site 24-hour lawful commercial uses. Discussions are taking place between, Planners, applicant and the agent. Some provisional concerns around the impact of the development on the Green Belt. (Under Consideration)

Northwood and Pinner Hospital, Pinner Road - Partial demolition, refurbishment and extension of the existing Cottage Hospital to provide a state-of-the-art health centre and the comprehensive redevelopment of the remaining site to provide residential (Use Class C3) accommodation and ancillary works including car parking, cycle parking, landscaping and associated works (phased). Fairly early in the planning process. Any questions regarding this site can be sent to the Major Applications Manager, Mandip Malhotra – Manisha will share her email address with forum members. (Under consideration)

Tavistock Works, Tavistock Road, West Drayton - Demolition of existing building and replacement with an up to 8-storey building comprising residential units and associated car parking, landscaping and amenity space. Provision of 32 units (14 x 1 bedroom, 14 x 2 bedroom and 4 x 3 bedroom). Fundamental planning issues and concerns. (Likely that it will be recommended for refusal on a number of grounds unless we have some meaningful amendments to the scheme).

New Schemes Coming Forward:

15-17 Uxbridge Road, Hayes - Erection of a ground, mezzanine and 12 upper floors plus roof top plant and basement apart-hotel (Use Class C1) building to provide guest rooms and associated ancillary facilities, and associated landscaping/public realm works. (Under consideration)

Land at Rainbow and Kirby Industrial Estate, West Drayton - Temporary application for the temporary use of the site - Installation of two portacabins and retention of entrance gates and proposed change of use for Use Class Sui Generis including container storage; open and closed storage of building and scaffolding materials; storage of aggregate materials; vehicle storage and sales for a period of 36 months. This site has been subject to redevelopment plans for a number of years. Quite contentious and a number of objections have been received. (Part retrospective application)

Q. Sjur Berven (Northwood Hills RA) – Re Northwood and Pinner Hospital, there have been a lot of protests and objections regarding the site. Andrew Riley, the Chairman of the Northwood Hills Residents’ Association has a lot of knowledge of the area and yet is being ignored. Petitions have been sent to reject the current proposals. The NHS seem to want to sell the site off to property developers, yet no one is considering what will happen to old people who need somewhere to go after they come out of hospital (before they can go back home).

A. Noel explained that we are very early in the planning process, however due to the level of interest generated regarding this application and the scale of the scheme, this will be reported to the Major Applications Committee in due course, however if residents are looking for planning updates, please email the Major Applications Manager, Mandip Malhotra.

Q. Alan and Margaret Atkinson (Garden City Estate RA) – Re Tavistock application, will it be refused?

A. Noel advised that the Council have some concerns and unless we have some meaningful amendments to the scheme it is likely that it will be recommended for refusal. Noel will liaise with Mandip Malhotra and will ask Mandip to provide Mr and Mrs Atkinson with an update.

Q. Anthony Lynham (Yiewsley & West Drayton TCG) – Re the land at Rainbow and Kirby Industrial Estate, having looked at the application they are requesting to work from 7am – 1pm, however at the moment they are working 7 days a week, what can be done to control that?

A. Noel advised that with any kind of approval, the Council would impose conditions and then it would be over to Planning Enforcement to ensure that those conditions are adhered to. There are some concerns over the proposals as they stand at the moment which has been communicated to the agent. Noel has been on site and seen the dynamics of the situation there. A number of Enforcement Notices have been issued on the use of the site re the unauthorised uses of the fly drive use. It would be difficult for the Council to object to any temporary use of the land and the lawful use of the land would permit industrial uses on the land.

Q. Christine Taylor (Harmondsworth & Sipson RA) – Fly drive operating illegally. This has happened in Heathrow Villages for many years and one of those sites is Zenith Compound in Sipson, currently being used as unauthorised car park fly and drive operation. Is there any enforcement likely to happen on this site?

A. Noel advised that a formal Enforcement Notice was served, and an appeal was lodged to the Planning Inspectorate in December 2020 which can take up to a year before the Council will hear anything. The appeals are handled by the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol and are completely independent of the Council. The Planning Inspectorate would need to be contacted directly to obtain an update. Noel will liaise with Daniel Lord, the Planning Enforcement Officer to obtain an update.

Q. Jane Taylor (Harmondsworth & Sipson RA) - This is the second time that this family have run an illegal operation on that land, are their previous wrongdoings taken into consideration with this case?

A. It would be determined differently, but some weight could be given to the historic use of the land during any potential future prosecution proceedings.

Q. Paul Atkinson and Brenda Jackson (South Ruislip RA) – Is there an
update on the Master Brewer Site?
A. Noel advised that the Council’s Legal team have started Judicial Review proceedings however he is unable to discuss the planning detail of the site at present. Residents are advised to request an update on these JR proceedings from James Rodger.

Q. Graham Bartram (Ruislip RA & HARA) – re Telecom Masts and that the companies putting forward these applications do not know the local area; they have little or no consultations. Companies need to work together with local communities. Could there be a Panel of residents and Council officers to build up a level of technical knowledge to be able to suggest more suitable areas for these masts? We need to build up local expertise.

A. Noel advised that the Council has recruited a new Telecoms Officer who will be working within the Council’s ICT department, who will be liaising with Telecoms companies/ agents and will ensure that companies are more proactive and familiarise themselves with the local area. Noel will discuss further with James Rodger.

5. Any Other Business (AOB) – Noel Kelly
Noel asked forum members if they would like to continue with the Residents’ Planning Forum meetings taking place virtually? Forum members agreed that they prefer this format.

Night flight restrictions - Consultation responses from Longford Residents Association
To: night.flights@dft.gov.uk
Wed, Mar 3 2021

Name : Christian Hughes
Email : xtian@longfordra.co.uk
Responding from a community group
The group has 3 main committee members, 5 additional support members (all unpaid volunteers) The group is a residents association representing the interests of more the 50 members of Longford Village.
Our activity is predominantly based in London. The airport that affects us most is Heathrow

Do you agree with our October 2022 to 2024 night noise objective for the designated airports?
No. We believe that night flights should be reduced at the very earliest opportunity. For years they have caused major disturbance to sleep for large numbers of people under flight paths. Flights, except in exceptional circumstances, should not be permitted during the hours of 2300 and 0700, allowing those living under airport flight paths the opportunity to have eight hours sleep each night, in line with World Health Organisation recommendations.

The Government’s national noise objective to “limit or reduce the number of people significantly affected by aircraft noise at night” will not be achieved by extending the existing night flight regime for another two years and thus delaying any meaningful policy changes that could be implemented sooner.
Do you agree with how our October 2022 to 2024 draft noise objective for the designated airports will be measured?

Do you agree that we should maintain the existing restrictions for two years from October 2022 to October 2024?

The Government have had many years to review its policy on night flights and the failure to do so does not justify delaying the changes that are long-overdue for a further two years. The review should take place now, so that a long-term policy can be implemented at the end of the existing regime period – October 2022. The pandemic should not be used as an excuse to delay long term reform to night flights policy. Any review must take into account the mental and physical health impacts of exposure to aircraft noise at night time, with the final policy adequately balancing these issues compared to any supposed benefits of night flights that the aviation industry will claim.

What would be the impacts to you should the government maintain the existing restrictions for two years, from October 2022 to October 2024 (provide evidence to support your view)?

The primary impacts will be the continued erosion of health and wellbeing due to the effects of noise. This has become well documented by the WHO as you acknowledge.

As one of many residents in Longford Village, I have personally kept a log of disturbances due to aircraft movements since October 2018.

During this time I have been disturbed, or woken by more than a thousand aircraft and able to report them to the Heathrow noise complaint line in real time.
In total I have reported over 2000 events of significant or intrusive noise during this time. Over 1700 of these events took place between the hours of 11pm through to 7am and the vast majority can be uniquely identified by call sign. Supporting evidence of events reported attached as an excel file.

Night Noise Complaints Captured by a single household in UB7 0ES from Oct 2018 - Feb 2021

Unique Reports of Aircraft noise from LHR movements following actual disturbance (Each can be identified by flight call sign)

Time Window:-
11pm - Midnight - 1280
midnight - 1am - 101
1am - 2am - 16
2am - 3am - 14
3am - 4am - 12
4am - 5am - 21
5am - 6pm - 32
6am - 7am - 243
Total from 11pm to 7am - 1719

The action of reporting appears futile and in frankly demoralising. If you care to analyse the attached data further you will see that even during the impact of the pandemic you will be able to see that I have report 321 flights that disturbed or woke me personally from April 2020 through to Feb 2021. A significant proportion of these late departures are DHL cargo planes. I simply don’t accept that this should be acceptable behaviour and I know the majority of our members agree with me. Most residents have given up reporting noise, as it has no effect. Years ago, the fines for late departures used to fund noise reduction schemes. Now they only seem to further benefit Heathrow from a financial perspective. Heathrow decided to carry out maintenance work on one of the runways during the pandemic, which has led to a massive increase in noise and intrusive vibration due to the resulting mixed mode operations. This was originally due to last until October 2020, but still continues to this day. The combination of the additional noise with the continued uncertainty due to the 3rd runway project have left many our residents feeling depressed. IATA has indicated that the number of movements at Heathrow will take several years to return to 2019 levels. The Government should use this opportunity to ban night time flights (2300-0700) and force Heathrow to become a more responsible neighbour for all the areas impacted.

What would be the impacts to you should the government allow the night flight restriction in place at the designated airports to lapse (provide evidence to support your view)?

Unregulated night flights activity would be unbearable for so many people not just in the immediate vicinity to Heathrow Airport but for many, many miles around. We believe that it would be seen as a barbaric act by many communities and would be so life-changing for many residents, that it would leave many with significantly reduced mental wellbeing as well as exacerbating the negative impacts to physical health which are already known. It would also likely result in numerous legal challenges.

Do you agree we should ban QC4 rated aircraft movements from operating at the designated airports between 23:30 and 06:00 from October 2022?


QC4 rated aircraft should be banned immediately, for eight hours each night, between 2300 and 0700, but certainly by October 2022. This should also apply to QC2 aircraft movements. As so few flights within this time period use QC4-rated aircraft, the industry impact would be minimal.

Christian Hughes

Possibility of Christmas Street Lights in Longford Village
From 2018 to 19 Sep 2019 to 28th August 2020

Even though we pay council tax, Longford Residents have to provide and decorate their own Christmas tree because...

"Regrettably... your street lamp posts... are not suitable for any form of festive lighting or decoration...
We appreciate that this is disappointing...
Helena Webster
Town Centre Improvements Team

Heathrow Villagers Councillors meeting 3rd Saturday of every month.
Notes from Sat 20th April 2019 10-11:30am (last meeting before Lockdown)
St Mary's Church Hall, Harmondsworth
Councillor June Nelson and 9 residents.

June & residents recommended we add to the LRA objection by putting in a Petition signed by 20 people, which will give us the opportunity to go and object to 422 Bath Rd (Gym) application for Licence.

Heathrow workers have started parking their cars to the West of Longford Roundabout again. Stan counted 10 cars there right now. June said she will contact APCOA enforcement officer (01895 271 418 - 6am-10pm) to ticket them today.

The "Priority Entrance" road sign has be put back up at the road narrowing outside Margaret Cassidy Home.

Path Y21 between Premier Inn/Gym & Sheraton Hotel/Detention Centre to Harmondsworth has been thoroughly cleaned, undergrowth/leaf mould removed.

The pavement rubbish bins in Longford appear to be emptied every Mon, Wed and Friday.

Interesting things:-
- Hillingdon Local Plan Part 2 is available for comment at https://www.hillingdon.gov.uk/lpp2 till 8th May. Its the "comprehensive development strategy for the borough up to 2026."

- Apparently the speed bumps on Hatch Lane are a noisy mental nightmare for residents - with the noise of trucks, busses, cars bumping over them, constant gear changes, chains/cargo rattling, etc. Local residents asked for the speed-humps to slow traffic down - but now regret it!

- Harmondsworth Church bells tolled on Thurs for Notre Dame.

- Hillingdon Council has no responsibility of the rivers, they fall under Environmental Agency or Canal Trust.

- Lots of talk about Harmondsworth problems with Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO's). A house should be registered if 5 or more people rent rooms in it. They were wondering if Heathrow Lodge ever applied to change the Bath Road Houses to HMO's/Hotel rooms?

Longford Residents have asked that we bring up at next months meeting:-
- Fly tipping west of Longford Roundabout
- request bench seats/table be placed in the Heathrow Close kids Park for parents to sit on while their kids play.