Longford Village & Harmondsworth Agriculture past & present

Heathrow Airport Ltd wants to bulldoze us off the Face of the Earth to increase profits for its foreign shareholders!

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Harmondsworth Agriculture past & present Suffolk Punch Horse 18yr Maisey Suffolk Punch
Produce from Moor Lane Allotments Agriculture past and present Refreshments
Seed Drill rig Roy Barwick 5th Generation Harmondsworth resident Harmondsworth Barn
Datchet Dancers Harmondsworth Barn Datchet Morris Dancers Farming in Middlesex
Womens Land Army Farming in Harmondsworth Working Farm Horses
21st Century Farming Harmondsworth Sheep in Harmondsworth Tractors Harmondsworth
Combine Harvester Harmondsworth Seed Drill Longford Village Market Farming Harmondsworth
Agriculture Competitions Harmondsworth Farm Produce Harmondsworth Horse transport Harmondsworth
Cabbage Patch Baby Harmondsworth Haystacks Harmondsworth Middlesex Fordson Users
Linseed Crop Harmondsworth Horse Ploughing Harmondsworth
Horse power Horse carts Harmondsworth Ready for London Market
Hay Stacks Drilling Ploughing
Ploughing Milk delivery Threashing
Sheaves of Wheat