Longford Village farms feeding Britain

The foreign company "Heathrow Airport Ltd" wants to bulldoze us off the Face of the Earth to increase its profits!

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Farmer generations March Longford Village February wheat Harmondsworth
February wheat wheat Longford Village February Sheep Longford Village
January snow January snow wheat January wheat Harmondsworth
January Parish of Harmondsworth January shed January Harmondsworth
January hay January Parish of Harmondsworth  

December wheat November wheat November Longford Village
November wheat Harmondsworth October wheat October wheat Longford Village
Path from Longford to Harmondsworth September farm ploughed September farmland Harmondsworth
September rapeseed Longford Village horses Parish of Harmondsworth September Farm sheds Harmondsworth
September wheat September Parish of Harmondsworth September wheat Parish of Harmondsworth
September Parish of Harmondsworth September ploughed Harmondsworth August harvested rapeseed
June rapeseed Longford June rapeseed Harmondsworth May rapeseed Longford Village
May rapeseed Longford Village May rapeseed Harmondsworth April rapeseed flower
April Longford Village April Harmondsworth February rapeseed Longford
February fallow February waterlogged rape seed  

December fallow December rapeseed Longford Village October rapeseed Longford
September rapeseed Harmondsworth September Parish of Harmondsworth August
July wheat harvest Longford July wheat Longford Village July wheat Harmondsworth
June wheat Longford