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4 Apr 2021
3rd Runway NEVER
From Twitter 2021

6 May 2021
heathrows power-stations
heathrow's power-stations

1 Dec 2020
Our Rotten neighbour
Our Rotten neighbour!
7 Oct 2020
Bits and Bobs Oct 2020
Bits and Bobs
Supreme Court Tweets
Supreme Court Tweets

1 Oct 2019
Compensate neighbour's

1 July 2019
Air Pollution

8 April 2019
Longford Village
Longford Village
The village that Heathrow wants to demolish!

24th July 2019
Quotes from Boris Johnson MP

July 2019
Heathrow is bankcrupt
Heathrow is Bankcrupt

25June 2018
How MPs Voted on Heathrow

7 April 2019
Heathrow protesters Pre Trial
2019 Judicial Review into the Airports National Policy Statement (ANPS)

26 Dec 2018
pdf documents
Lots of PDF Documents

4 Oct 2018
Outside the High Courts
Outside the High Court

20 June & 1 Dec 2018
The World is saying Vote No2 Heathrow

2 July 2017
No-3rd-Runway-Coalition deafening jet noise 170403_Grow Heathrow protest Ruth-Cadbury
Opposition to Heathrow and its 3rd Runway is growing

Neil's 400mile #WalkToScotland, to save our villages... 4th - 26th April 2017
neils-walktoscotland From Heathrow to Edinburgh

18 Feb 2017
climate virgin-tax runways-will-be-the-death-of-us-heathrow we have been here for 2000years
Comments from the Social Media

22 Dec 2016
15-m4-protesters Guilty-of-protecting-our-planet runways-will-be-the-death-of-us-heathrow no-new-runway-heathrow
22nd Dec 2016 22nd Dec 2016 - 15 M4 Protesters in Ealing Magistrates Court

19 Nov 2016
Zac Goldsmith Anti-Heathrow Protest on Richmond Green Anti-3rd Runway Protest on Bath Road StayGrounded Protester Blocking Spur Road
19th Nov 2016 Zac Goldsmith Rally & Protests at Heathrow

25 Oct 2016
25th Oct 2016 Government Announcement

14 Oct 2016
Reasons for No 3rd Runway & Sept/Oct Roundup

12 Oct 2016
Reasonable Expectation's of No 3rd Runway

26 Sept 2016
AEF 50 Reasons Why Britain Deosnt Need a New Runway
AEF's 50 Reasons Why Britain Deosnt Need a New Runway

4th July 2016
3rd Runway would only bring in £11bn - over 40yrs!

22nd May 2016
Heathrow bosses eye £10m bonus pool

10th April 2016
Banners against Heathrow Expansion
There will be little loss of connectivity

1st April 2016
Stop Heathrow Expansion newsletter
SHE Newspaper

10th April 2016
Banners against Heathrow Expansion
Protest Banners

16th Feb 2016
Chiswick Hurdle brochure

23rd Jan 2016
Stony Brook University
cancer caused by
air pollution

AEF Report
Aircraft Noise
& Public Health

16th Jan 2016

Plane crashes in 2015
- there is no "Safety Zone" round the proposed 3rd Runway!

15th Dec 2015

Businesses within the 3rd Runway footprint

14th Dec 2015

No 3rd Runway, Nasty Letters, Noise

Thur 3rd Dec 2015 - 2019

Professor John Kay, CBE is a visiting Professor at the LSE (London School of Economics) and author of The Long and The Short of It. He previously was the first research director and later ran the IFS (Institute for Fiscal Studies), taught at Oxford and LBS (London Business School), and founded a global consultancy. He also chaired the Coalitionís review into equity markets.


Incomplete Info

Noway to plan airport

Uneconomic Case

Fri 23rd Oct 2015

The Great British Runway Myth - why there is no need for any new runway in the south east!

Wednesday 21st Oct 2015

Brochures, handouts, banners, newpaper clippings, twitter & facebook notes

Brochures, handouts, newpaper clippings, twitter & facebook notes

Saturday 10th Oct 2015 at 11am

No 3rd Runway Protest - Parliament Square

Monday 5th Oct 2015
The Conservative Conference - Manchester.

Leaflets given out by the "Flying Dragon Plane"

Saturday 19th Sept 2015
Harmondsworth Open Village - 11am-3pm
Guided tours of 15th Century Barn, 11th century church & Land Army Event
Womens Land Army poster          Open Village Poster

Sunday 13th Sept 2015 at 3pm
A Service of Hope for the Heathrow Villages
The Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin Harmondsworth, UB7 0AQ.
A Service of Hope                                         .pdf poster

Saturday 12th Sept 2015
No New Runways Debate
Bloomsbury Baptist Church, London 2-4:30pm Sat 12th Sept 2015

No New Runways Speakers, banners & brochures

Monday 8th Sept 2015

London Assembly questioning Howard Davies about the Airport Commission

London Assembly questioning Howard Davies - 8th Sept

Aug 2015
Richmond Heathrow Campaign response to the Davies Commission report :-
     Impact on the UK Economy
     Is it deliverable?
     Impact on UK Carbon commitments
     Impact on Air Quality
     Impact on Noise
     Impact on the Local Economy
     Impact on Surface Transport
     Safety factors

24th July 2015

The climate science rules out airport expansion.

2021 SHE newsletters:-
23 Apr Good Law Project

2020 SHE newsletters:-
23 Dec Supporter Update
16 Dec Verdict
11 Dec Verdict on 16th Dec
4 Dec Free Travel Scrapped
6 Oct Supreme Court Update
28 Jul Runway
22 Jun 3rd Runway Threat
7 May Campaign Update
2 May Newsletter
2 Apr Next Steps
2 Mar Public Meeting
27 Feb Victory at Court
22 Feb Judgment Date
17 Feb Land Referencing
24 Jan Verdict Expected

2019 Coalition letter

2019 SHE newsletters:-
20 Dec Update
30 Sept Photo Opp.
1 Sept Consultation
10 Jul Meetings
30 Apr Judgement
8 Mar Court
12 Feb Stop 700 More
1st Feb Livestreaming
11th Jan Court Update

2018 SHE newsletters:-
24th Nov Climate March
19th Nov AGM
27th Oct AGM Postponed
15th Sept 700 More
8th Sept Legal challenge
17th Jul Behind the scenes
8th June NPS in Westminster
20th May Important Info
23rd Feb 2 Public Meetings

2017 SHE newsletters:-
22nd Dec Carol Singing
13th Dec 5-minute Action
3rd Nov AGM
6th Sep Brighton again
1st Sept Day out to Brighton
24 May Last chance
3rd Apr Walk to Scotland
6th Jan Questionnaire

2016 SHE newsletters:-
19th Dec Rock Against..
2nd Dec Public Meetings
13th Nov Rally next Saturday
13th Nov - AGM
30th Sep - StayGrounded
15th Aug - Noise Olympics
7th Jul - Hayes Carnival
25th May - 70years of Blight
31st Mar - 3 Public Meetings
7th Jan - Adopt an Activist

2015 SHE newsletters:-
31st Dec - Happy New Year
19th Dec - Tunnel blockers court
3 Dec - ADvan
24th Nov - 3 Evening Events
16th Nov - Flash Mob Fun Update
4th Nov - Flash Mob Fun
2nd Nov - London Says No!
19th Oct - Drop-in Surgery
14th Oct - Peoples Question Time
11th Oct AGM Tomorror
4th Oct Protest Coach Trip
28th Sept S.H.E. Events
19th Sept John McDonnells
16th Sept Open Village
7th Sept Hope for Villages
27 Aug Stop Heathrow Expansion
26 Aug Bank Holiday Funday
16 Aug 2 Upcoming Events
9 Aug Diary Dates
7 Aug National Gathering
30 Jun Davies Commission
8 Apr Harmondsworth open day
5 Mar No Runways march
6 Feb Rally Against 3rd Runway
28 Jan Protest at Downing St
27 Jan Bus trip to Downing St

April 2015

Click the link below to download the SHE Flyer for Harmonsworth Village special open day 12th April

SHE Flyer 12th April - 436.46 KB

7th March 2015

20,000 people protested in London against Airport Expansion/Climate Change

protested in London

Feb 2015
Reasons to Oppose 3rd Runway:-
     1. Health
     2. Safety
     3. 10 Reasons
     4. Financial Cost
     5. Pool-side
     6. Noise Complaints
     7. Flooding
     8. Air Consultation
     9. UK Economy
     10. Mayoral candidates

Jan 2015

Click the link below to download the SHE mini poster for your windows at home.

Mini Poster 262.81 KB

Sept 2014
Read this! How a 3rd runway may affect you. If you want a quick overview of the problems with a third runway and how it may affect you, read this leaflet produced last year by anti-noise campaign group HACAN:

Oct 2014
Anti-Third Runway Petition
Hounslow Council has launched this petition calling for no 3rd runway at Heathrow. You might like to sign it. You donít need to be a Hounslow resident to do so.

Oct 2014
Actual Cost of Moving
Colnbrook has set up a committee to look at the actual cost that could hit 783 families who reside on the 3rd Runway footprint - should they be forced to move.


We've been here before

Many campaigns have been fought and won, the mose recent 2008-2011 campaign was called NOTRAG No Third Runway Action Group.
NOTRAG Victory!