Sun, 18 Oct 2015
Residents warned to be cautious following latest Heathrow letter

Residents whose homes are under threat from a third runway are being warned by SHE and Harmondsworth and Sipson Residents Association (HASRA) to be cautious following concerns about the latest letter to be sent by Heathrow Airport.

Many of the people living in the 783 homes that would be in the first round of demolition if a third runway is given the go ahead, reported to SHE that they have received a letter that invites them to read a new newsletter, arrange an appointment to meet 'members of the Heathrow team' and complete an online questionnaire. Residents want to know, why do they want lots of personal information now?

Heathrows letter to residents requesting their personal details.
Heathrow has been keen to send letters 'at key milestones in the Airports Commission process', as it states in the letter, but they have not explained to people's satisfaction why they are running 'one-to-one' sessions to discuss personal circumstances. No formal document showing the terms and conditions of any compensation scheme has been issued so it is curious that Heathrow should want to speak to residents before the residents are able to see any details and before a government has made any announcement. Nigel Milton, Director of External Affairs, has sent out these letters BEFORE he meets with community representatives on Tuesday 21st October.

It is not yet know what Heathrow intends to do with the information it gathers on individuals. Residents should ask themselves if the promise of email updates and information is of sufficient benefit to justify handing over confidential information about family, co-habitants and property owned. It is not known if providing such information now could have implication in future.

SHE and HASRA are advise residents to be cautious and wait before taking matters further and making an appointment or completing the questionnaire.

Community Representatives will be at a meeting with Heathrow on Tuesday and SHE will be holding a Drop In 'surgery' (a word that Heathrow uses) on Friday, 23rd October from 7pm-9pm in the room above the bar at The Five Bells pub on Harmondsworth village green.

John McDonnell MP is also planning a major public meeting in the very near future to discuss local issues, including the third runway.

Residents have nothing to gain by responding to the Heathrow letter in haste.
Brochure with letter