19th Jan 2016
Year on year, the amount of deadly Nitrogen Dioxide gas is increasing round heathrow. This year, on the 19th Jan 2016, the amount of deadly Nitrogen Dioxide exceeded over 200ugm3 (the EU maximum limit is 40ugm3 particles per cubic meter)
Check it out at the live monitoring station at the end of Heathrows Northern runway in Longford Village (called Heathrow Green Gates)


on the left click "MONITORING DATA"
the next screen, on the left click "Custom Graphs"
On this webpage click:-
Select pollutant" - and only when you click "Nitrogen Dioxide
suddenly, below in "Select Monitoring Stites" you will see "Heathrow Green Gates" appear. Click it.
Below that click eg "Last Month"
Click "Create Graph"
and in a few seconds you will see 19th Jan 2016 was a record of over 200up/m3.

From January the previous years - the record Nitrogen Dioxide is increasing year on year - not decreasing as the Commission said it would.

On the 19th Jan 2016, we have clicked "Search" in twitter for "Heathrow Noise" and it indicates planes were landing on the Northern runway from the East. If I recall, it was freezing cold that night with NO wind blowing at all....

I can send you photos of "Heathrow Green Gates" measuring station at the North West corner of the Northern runway in Longford Village - just across the way from T5.

I remember someone said somewhere they have separated the Car and Plane NO2's on 2 graphs (it maybe in the Commissions report) - just so heathrow cannot blame the M25/M4
(eg for a 12hr flight a Jumbo takes 140 tons of deadly fuel - and on takeoff/landing burns 10 tons an hour - one jumbo taking off every 40 seconds while another is landing on the other runway - ie non-stop pollution!).
There are 3? gas run powerstations in Heathrow generating its electricity - hence you CANNOT see their gas pollution except early freezing cold mornings when it looks like steam, but yards away from a powerstation near T4, inside a security box, the tiny room is Orange - the curtains, wall paper - everything, like there had been a heavy non-stop nicotine smoker in that box - but we've found out it is Nitrogen Dioxide!

Planes on the 19th jan were on westerly operations so would have approached over London.

and using Twitter, search for "Heathrow Noise" to see who which direction planes are landing


on the 7th Feb "Teddington Action Group" on Facebook, put this link to londons air polution (its worth seeing Teddingtons Facebook page and lots of links):-