4th July 2016:
Seminar on Aircraft Noise and Mental Health in Committee Room 19, Palace of Westminster (the main House of Commons building - For committee rooms in the Palace of Westminster , visitors should use the main Cromwell Green entrance, you can find a map here. You should allow for at least 15 minutes to get through security.)

3.00 - 4:30pm;
Chair: Dr Tania Mathias MP

Professor Dirk Schreckenberg, Centre for applied psychology, environmental and social science in Hagen, Germany, will explain the key findings of the NORAH study on noise and mental health

Chris Keady will talk about the impact on his mental health of living under the Heathrow flight paths and suggest practical solutions

Matt Gorman, Sustainability Director at Heathrow Airport, will outline the steps Heathrow is taking to provide respite from aicraft noise

There will be a good period of time for questions and discussion
*Please allow about 15 minutes to get through security

It is being staged by the Aviation Environment Federation* and HACAN*. It is a follow-up to a report published last year on Aircraft Noise and Health -
There is growing concern about the impact on mental health of aircraft noise. However, there is comparatively little research on the topic. We are therefore delighted that the keynote speaker will be Professor Dirk Schreckenberg, one of the authors of the NORAH Study, a recent German study which included ground-breaking work on mental health and noise http://www.laermstudie.de/en/