4th Sept 2016
Here's a few pictures from our stall at the Brentford Festival yesterday. We were joined by local campaigners, including those from the ancient village of Harmondsworth and Longford Village - facing demolition to make way for a third runway - to speak to residents about the reality of what a 3rd runway means for places such as Hanwell, West Ealing, Northfields, South Ealing as well as other places.
We were pleased to be joined by two supportive local MPs, Ruth Cadbury MP & Dr Rupa Huq for Ealing Central and Acton who offered us their continued support.
Here's a link to our press release via our website

Press Release
5 September 2016

Local grassroots campaign group Stop Heathrow Expansion (SHE) attended the Brentford Festival on Sunday 4 September, speaking to hundreds of residents about the prospects for west London should Heathrow expansion be given the go-ahead by Prime Minister Theresa May this autumn (1). Among the issues raised was the new flight path that would almost certainly fly over many areas in the Ealing and Hounslow boroughs, as well as the issues of air pollution, traffic congestion and the destruction of the ancient village of Harmondsworth which lies on the Airport’s northern boundary.

During the afternoon local MPs Ruth Cadbury and Dr. Rupa Huq joined us to offer their continued support for our campaign (2). We were also joined by members of Hounslow Council who expressed their serious concerns about the project.

Campaign Coordinator, Robert Barnstone, said: “The Brentford Festival was a great chance to speak to hundreds of residents from Hanwell, West Ealing, Northfields and South Ealing, who would find themselves under a new Heathrow flight path should the third runway go ahead.

Barnstone added: "From the reaction of those attending the festival yesterday, it seems support for the third runway in west London is far from rosy as Heathrow claim."

1 A decision on whether to expand Heathrow or Gatwick Airport is expected by the Government before the end of the year.