Photo taken at sunrise 6th Feb 2017
This photo clearly shows heathrows hot obnoxious gasses rising UP into the atmosphere blowing over Simson, Harlington & Hayes. This vast amount of heat and pollution must surely be having a major effect on Climate Change - and Heathrows foreign owned shareholders want to expand all this!
20seconds after taking the photo, the sun rose and the pollution became invisible again - so no- one ever see's this vast vortex of heathrows hot air and pollution being sucked up into the upper atmosphere - creating a micro-climate round heathrow.

The photo is looking south over heathrow. A breeze was blowing from the right to left and towards me. The M25/Terminal 5 is on the right. The tall control Tower is in the center, Harlington corner/Hatton Cross are to the left. Planes (jet engines) had been taxi'ing, landing and taking off for over an hour, and heathrows 3 power stations had been running all night. Ground temperature was cold (I think 2'c). A detailed photo is at

The more air pollution heathrow makes, the less is measured - because the hotter that air pollution is, the faster it rockets up, up and away into the atmosphere.
The plane with air pollution measuring equipment (from Natural Centre for Atmospheric Science) is not allowed to fly over the no-fly zone over heathrow - so heathrows increasing obnoxious air pollution is never measured. However, on a cloudy day, look above heathrow and you will a giant hole in the clouds where this heated vortex gushes upwards!

So having measuring stations round the airport is a complete waste of time - except when "temperature inversion" takes place and nitrogen dioxide measures over 200u/m3 - usually only when it is freezing cold with no wind nor breeze - often for only a few days in January, but with rising Climate Change this just isn't happening any more with our winters, like this year, becoming positively warm - instead of having snow lying around Heathrow.

I, like all the local residents and Heathrows 70,000 workers who spend 8 to 16 hours a day at heathrow, do not need measuring instruments to tell us when pollution levels are high - we get flaming headaches, asma and when the levels are really high, feel nausea and pain all over! Heathrows pollution is killing us and its not decreasing! The minimum wage workers are too poor to associate high NO2 levels with migraines and popping pain killers - they just want more overtime and after 10 years they go off sick and are fired.

Here is the photographic evidence of heathrows non-stop 24hour obnoxious pollution.