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Heathrow legal challenges reach next hurdle
Five legal challenges against the Government's plans to expand Heathrow have reached the next legal hurdle and will proceed to a full judicial review in March 2019.
Justice Holgate today (October 4th) confirmed, in a hearing at the High Court, that the cases lodged by five different parties would be heard over 10 days in March 2019

The five parties are:
- A consortium of local authorities (Hillingdon, Hammersmith & Fulham, Richmond, Wandsworth and Windsor & Maidenhead), Greenpeace and the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.
- Heathrow Hub Limited (promoters of a rival scheme to expand Heathrow
- Friends of the Earth
- Plan B, an environmental justice organisation
- Neil Spurrier - a resident of Twickenham, Middlesex

Due to the size of the cases, amount of paperwork involved, and the public interest in the case, the hearings in March will be heard by two judges and will be heard in the largest courtroom at the Royal Courts of Justice. It was also noted that a separate courtroom may have to be used as overspill, with a TV link to the main proceedings, also due to level of interest.

Paul McGuinness, Chair of the No 3rd Runway Coalition, said:
'These legal challenges are of the Government's own making. It is not insignificant that the judge has permitted all five claimants to proceed to judicial review. In addition to the claim from several councils and the London Mayor, the four other claims raise some serious points of law.
'If the government had not ignored available evidence in their blinkered enthusiasm to expand this already highly disruptive airport, parliament would not have supported the proposal, and these actions would not have been necessary.'

John McDonnell MP, who addressed opponents of Heathrow expansion, gathered in solidarity outside the High Court, said:
'The third runway project is increasingly recognised as a non-runner. The Government needs to listen this time and time again and stop wasting taxpayers' money in another failing Grayling project.
'A Government that prevents Heathrow going ahead will send a message that we are serious about climate change, serious about creating a zero-carbon economy and the development of our transport network will not be concentrated in one part of the country.'

Neil Spurrier
Good day in Court. All claimants allowed to proceed to Trial next March on a time estimate of up to 2 weeks. Judge v helpful and thorough. Detailed directions discussed to prepare the case for trial. Will be tried in March by Holgate J and a judge from the Court of Appeal.

Plan B Earth
Great day today. Strong and growing alliance inside and outside court.
Court orders full hearing in March of all legal claims against insane Heathrow expansion.
A day of hope. #RiseForClimate #ThereIsAPlanB
Even the Daily Mail giving us fair coverage!
This was for Rich, Rich and Roscoe. #FreeTheThree

Robin P Clarke - No To Heathrow (Court Hearing)
Hello, I have also filed a judicial review against the runway. My case is completely different from the others - I show the case is completely bonkers because the FACTS show that there is no economic benefit from 50 years of hypertransport. On contrary economy has got much WORSE.
The govt case is based on nonsense concepts such as 'GDP is good'.
Judge decided BEFORE seeing my reply and refused permission - I have filed appeal.

Ray Rampton
If the judges fined in our favour, i just hope this government, any government abide by their decision and stop this wretched curse in its tracks, in the past, this government has ignored the high courts, and continuous to believe its can ride roughshod over the wishes of millions of residents, diplomatic immunity should not extend to those in government who chose to ignore the high courts, if they were made to pay personally, they would soon fall into line with residents wishes. pollution should be this government number 1 priority. we need to survive in a wholesome environment. not see it sacrificed to greed and commercialism at our expense.