We set up a model of the incinerator in the Slough Queensmere Centre, along with a giant map and handouts - saking residents where would they like the moved to - should the 3rd Runway go ahead. Heathrows Airspace Consultation was taking place next door to us, but we were deemed to be a danger to the public (with our toxic question!) and were removed by security/police to leaflet outside the Center!

***Update 11th Feb 2019
By the end of the week, News Reporter Matt Joy, from the Slough and South Bucks Observer, discovered that the incinerator could be relocated right next to the M4 costing Slough Council tax payers 500million. The exhaust tower would be 20m shorter than the current tower. Lets hope that when the wind blows the smoke over the 3rd Runway, that landing pilots remember to switch on their fog lights and wind up the windows! Cough! Cough! https://www.sloughobserver.co.uk/news/17423450.new-site-for-slough-energy-from-waste-facility-identified/