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A Few Photos from the Supreme Court & Tweets       7/10/2020

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Supreme Court Dont Mask The Facts Harmondsworth Outside Supreme Court
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Top Lines
Nothing has changed from the Court of Appeal ruling in February this year, which stated that the Government were wrong not to take into account the Paris Agreement on climate change when drawing up its plans for Heathrow expansion.

Heathrow expansion is not compatible with our climate commitments, yet they are arguing to the Supreme Court that the Paris Agreement is not relevant to its plans despite being the single biggest polluter of toxic emissions in the country.

Heathrow's ability to finance the project was always tenuous and has been left in tatters by the COVID pandemic. In June, Standards & Poor's issued them a second credit downgrade in just two months. Heathrow are now seeking to claw back not only its pre-application expenses, but also the costs of winding down their 3rd runway project team.

Technology won't be able to deliver zero carbon aviation at the scale or speed required.

The evidence base for Heathrow expansion (Airports Commission) is now many years out of date. It is unacceptable to knock down thousands of homes and put 700 more planes in the sky every day on the basis of out of date evidence.

We will continue to campaign to ensure that Heathrow expansion, in any form, is not permitted to blight the lives of our communities, which it has done for so long.