Stop Airport Expansion Protest - April 2023
(From Trafalgar Square, past Downing Street, the Houses of Parliament and onto The Department for Transport HQ)
I sure hope The Ministers of Transport, MP's, DFT managers & decision makers, realise the amount of opposition that will stop any Heathow expansion plans (& therefore close Heathrow forever! Do NOT provoke us!)

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Stop Airport Expansion Protest 21st April 2023 50,000 Protesters End Domestic Flights
Jet Zero Pigs Might Fly Stop Polluting My Sky Stop Private Flights Now For Our Childrens Sake STOP
Stop Flying Why are we still flying in a Climate Emergency Airport Expansion equals death This is a code RED moment
Stop Fossil Fuel Subsidies No Airport Expansion Theres nothing sustainable about Sustainable Aviation Fuel Flight Free
Tax Frequent Fliers All emissions matter Lets start living on earth as if we intend to stay Put out the fire
Solution No Pollution System Change not Climate Change Its happening now End Fossil Fuels
Green Party Reduce aviation emissions fly less Tell the truth Climate Emergency no new fossil fuels
Shut down Shell Its Plane Stupid No 2nd Runway We need to fly less
No Airport Expansion Trains not Planes Greens4HS2 Cant fly from the crisis Stop Bristol Airport Expansion
Stop Heathrow Expansion No Faith in Fossil Fuels asleep at the wheel Stop Destroying our Planet Its where I keep my stuff
Polluters profit Quakers for Climate Justice All emissions matter Planet before profit
We need to fly less Ban Private Jets Stop Airport Expansion Protest Parents for Climate
Net Zero is Greenwash Bristol Airport is Big Enough Take the train Stop Heathrow Expansion
Radical action now Act Now Climate Change is everyones business Tax frequent fliers
Stop Airport Expansion Protest Make Earth Great again Stop Airport Expansion Protest Trains not Planes
Defy Disobey Disrupt Stop Heathrow Expansion The greatest threat  
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