01-07-2015 From "SHE Stop Heathrow Expansion" group on Facebook:-
I spent an hour or so with Tommy on the day before the announcement. He really does worry about Armelle living on her own one day, away from her friends having been forced from her home. This devoted couple deserve a few peaceful years together in the home they've lived in for decades but Heathrow won't let them have that. Their village has been under threat since 2002. When Tommy signed up at 17 to risk his life with Special Operations, he couldn't have imagined that the British government would eventually have so little regard for him that they would approve the compulsory purchase of his home and destruction of the entire surrounding community and ancient buildings largely for the benefit of a foreign company.

Armelle Thomas with letter that was hand delivered to all 780 houses within 45minutes of the Davies Commission announcement.
If President Mugabe of Zimbabwe was standing here, he would be taking copious notes on how to throw people out of their houses/villages/communities!! Well done Great Britain! What a great example you are setting the rest of the world!!! Not!


July 2015

The future of Heathrow

I am writing to update you on the latest developments regarding the proposed expansion of Heathrow Airport, and how this might affect you.

The Airports Commission was set up by the Government in 2012 to examine the need for additional airport capacity in the UK. The Commission was asked to make recommendations on where a new runway should be located.

After three years of extensive consultation, evidence gathered and analysis, the Airports Commission has today recommended to the Government that a new runway should be built at Heathrow.

This is not the end of the process. The Government must now decide whether to act on this recommendation, and give policy support for a new runway to the north-west of Heathrow. Heathrow would then have to apply for and obtain planning consent before any new runway could be built.

We have written to you previously to let you know that your property has been identified as one that currently falls within the proposed site for a new runway at Heathrow and, in the event of expansion, may be subjected to compulsory purchase. Last year we announced details of a proposed compensation package for homeowners who would be subjected to compulsory purchase.

I know this is a time of significant uncertainty and we will continue to keep you informed throughout this process. We will be in touch again to update you once we know the Government's response to today's recommendation.

If you would like to know more about what the proposals might mean for you please contact one of the Heathrow Community Relations team on 0800 307 7996. Alternatively, more information is available at www.heathrow.com/localcommunity

Yours sincerely,

John Holland-Kaye
Chief Executive, Heathrow

Postscript: Tommy sadly passed on, on the morning of Friday 28th August 2015. Our sincere condolances to Armelle and their family.