3pm Fri 31/7/2015
Blackbushe airport, Hampshire killing the pilot and 3 of Bin Ladens relations.
The Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) said the plane descended from cruise level, overtook a microlight & came down two thirds of the way along the runway, which gave it 438 metres to complete the landing when it needed 616 metres. So it took off again but collided with a one-metre high earth bank, which caused part of the landing gear to detach. The plane flew through the air and smashed into parked cars 70 metres away, with the wings detaching from the fuselage. The coroner for North Hampshire, Andrew Bradley, said the occupants were "incinerated" by the flames which engulfed the jet.
The proposed 3rd runway at heathrow has no "Safety Zone" round it - and will have houses within meters of the end of the runway - a disaster just waiting to happen!.

WHERE would a plane make an emergency landing... in the case of a bird-strike, engine failure, pilot error...??? Airports used to be built out in the country side - not pointing at a city center!!