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7th Sep 2021
22nd Aug 2021
2nd June 2021
16th Dec 2020
7th Oct 2020
Jet Zero is Hot Air End Night Flights! Niel Replacing Signs Verdict Supreme Court
7th Oct 2020
1st Mar 2020
29th Feb 2020
27th Feb 2020
15th Dec 2019
SHE Covid-19 Mask Local activits London Mayor celebrates Appeal court ruled ANPS now invalid Renewing signs
Bulldozer Lie-In Uxbridge Husting SHE AGM Court of Appeal Colne Valley Festival
20th Jul 2019
19th Jul 2019
15th Jul 2019
13th Jul 2019
6th Jul 2019
190720 Cranford Park fair-1 West Drayton Public meeting Pinkwell Public meeting West Drayton consultation Hayes Family Day
3rd Jul 2019
1st Jul 2019
23rd Jun 2019
9th May 2019
1st May 2019
Harmondsworth Heathrows Preferred Disaster Plan Summer Fair John McDonnell Public Meeting Judgement Day
19th Apr 2019
11th Mar 2019
13th Mar 2019
3rd Mar 2019
21st Feb 2019
Extinction Rebellion MPs & Councilors Friends of the Earth Delivering leaflets Airspace consultation
5th Feb 2019
15th Jan 2019
3rd Dec 2018
1st Dec 2018
Incinerator Live-streaming Pre-Trial SHE AGM Climate march
5th Nov 2018
4th Oct 2018
7th Jul 2018
25th Jun 2018
Green wash Wont wash High Court, London Heathrow's Heat Pollution Hayes Carnival Heathrow Villagers
25th Jun 2018
8th Jun 2018
MP John McDonnell 5th Genearation resident Vote No Heathrow Neil in Parliament Sq SNP Conference Aberdeen
21st Apr 2018
21st Mar 2018
17th Mar 2018
9th Mar 2018
28th Feb 2018
West Drayton TAG discussion Grow Heathrow 8th birthday Heathrow Consultation Public Meeting Harmondsworth
28th Feb 2018
19th Dec 2017
12th Dec 2017
Councillor Ray Puddifoot & MP John McDonnell Public meeting Putney Public Meeting West Drayton Singing Carols to MP Chris Grayling Hillingdon Advent Calendar
10th Nov 2017
24th Oct 2017
26th Sep 2017
10th Sep 2017
SHE AGM Air & noise pollution Heathrow summit protest Labour Conference Brighton Trade Union Conference
Sat 8th Jul 2017
Sat 22nd Jul 2017
Sat 3rd Jun 2017
18th May 2017
13th May 2017
MP John McDonnell helping out at Hayes Carnival Prime Ministers Bouncers hold us back Maidenhead town center and car protest 3 of the Heathrow Tunnel Blockers pleaded guilty received no fine anti heathrow protests in Hammersmith with Mayor of London
25th Apr 2017
23rd Apr 2017
23rd Apr 2017
20th Apr 2017
3rd Apr 2017
Neil delivers his anti-3rd runway plea to Scottish parliament Harmondsworth Great Barn Moris dancers-St Georges day Transition Heathrow entertaining villagers on St Georges day Harlington school villagers no third runway meething Grow Heathrow taken to High court over disused land rights
4th Apr 2017
23th Mar 2017
16th Mar 2017
15th Mar 2017
Tue 7th Mar 2017
Neils Keverns walk to Scotland to stop heathrows 3rd runway Harlington anti Heathrow runway meeting with MP John McDonnell Sipson anti third runway meeting with MP John McDonnell Isleworth protest against biased DFT government NPS Maidenhead takeover
Wed 8th Mar 2017
Sat 4th Mar 2017
Sat 25th Feb 2017
Tue 21st Feb 2017
Uxbridge Court hearing Grow Heathrows 7th Anniversary West Drayton Consultation Forest of defiance Tunnel blockers
Sat 18th Feb 2017
Mon 13th Feb 2017
Mon 6th Feb 2017
Flash-mob T2 Airport Consultation Hayes Public Meeting Heathrows continuous pollution  
Thu 19th Jan 2017
Wed 8th Feb 2017
Thu 19th Jan 2017
Thu 22nd Dec 2016
Number of protesters is growing:-
- 19th Nov Zac's Rally
- 22nd Dec 15 M4 Protest

Support from Hillingdon Council Sian and Sophia trial Outside Royal Courts Of Justice Rock against the 3rd Runway  
Thu 22nd Dec 2016
Fri 9th Dec 2016
Rob & John outside court BBC interviews West Drayton Stop Heathrow Expansion exhibit John McDonnell MP
Thu 8th Dec 2016
Wed 23rd Nov 2016
16th Oct 2016
15th Oct 2016
14th Oct 2016
John McDonnell Harlington Zac's ByElection Husting Heathrow Villagers helping Zac Goldsmiths campaigners Hacan Husting in Richmond MP explaining whats ahead
14 Nov 2016
3rd Nov 2016
18 Nov 2016
31 Oct 2016
S.H.E. AGM Hillingdon Council meeting Richmond By-election Local opposition John McDonnall MP in Sipson
Tue 25th Oct 2016
Announcement Bulldozing your houses Clean air Climate Change Kills The press at Harmondsworth
Wed 5th Oct 2016
Sat 1st Oct 2016
Conservative Conference Replacing road signs Save our Villages 1st Protest Harmondsworth
Sat 1st Oct 2016
Lie In Terminal 2 Cyclists Heathrow Highways Local Villages
Sat 1st Oct 2016
5th Aug 2016
Longford village Lie-in Local roads Completely blocked Heathrow Tunnel blocked again  
Mon 12th Sept 2016
Sat 10th Sept 2016

Petition to Downing St Justine and Allan Grow Heathrow Open-day Village signs Village signs
Sun 4th Sep 2016
Thur 18th Aug 2016

Dr Rupa Huq MP Brentford Festival MP Ruth Cadbury Collecting Petitions Noise Olympics
Thur 18th Aug 2016

Wed 20th Jul 2016

Sat 9th Jul 2016
Noise Olympics Theresa May protest at Downing Street Theresa May Please save us Heathrows White Elephant Local Hayes Festival
Mon 4th Jul 2016

Sat 25th Jun 2016

Mon 30th May 2016

SHE's public information 160704-aircraft-noise-mental-health Local School Fete 70 Years of Blight Kids get mobile Adobe Huts
Mon 30th May 2016

Thur 26th May 2016

Sun 8th May 2016

Planting 783 black planes Noxious birthday cake West Drayton public meeting 'Going Backwards' March Speaches outside Downing St
Thur 2nd May 2016

Wed 27th April 2016

Thu 21st April 2016

Tue 19th April 2016

London Mayor Candidate International Noise Awareness Day Hayes public meeting MP John McDonnell John Stewart SMK award 3 Tunnel Blockers
Tue 5th Apr 2016

  Sun 6th Mar 2016

Public Meeting Crane Community Centre   Zac in Harmondsworth Talking to protesters Zac Jane Rob and Emma
24th Feb 2016
#heathrow13 100s Protesters All the Press Tons of police Protest signs
Tue 23rd Feb 2016

Chiswick Hurdles The #Heathrow13 Harmondsworth Willesden Magistrates Court  
Sun 14th Feb 2016

Adopt an Activist The Five Bells protesters February Protesters #heathrow13 Heathrow Youre breaking our hearts
1st Feb 2016

18th Jan 2016

19th Jan 2016

Osbornes village Knutsford Record Nitrogen dioxide gas Willesden Magistrates Court Outside Court  
Sat 2nd Jan 2016

Tue 5th Jan 2016

11th Dec 2015

Assembeling 800 planes Armelle outside Parliament Justine Bailey Protesters outside Parliament Veronica being interviewed  
Wed 23rd Dec 2015

Tunnel'ers in Court Final letter from Heathrow     MP John McDonnell
Thur 3rd Dec 2015

Advan in Harmondsworth Sound System Longford-Village Colnbrook Outside Parliament
Thur 26th Nov 2015

Boris & John Becks Theatre Harmondsworth Christmas Fair Climate Change Take-off Trafalgar Square
Sun 29th Nov 2015

Downing Street Pilot and crew protesters from Trafalgar Sq Human Rights Meeting  
Wed 25th Nov 2015

Flying dragon in Chiswick Chiswick says NO Plane Stupid blocks tunnell Peoples Question Time Flying dragon at the Beck Theatre
Sat 21st Oct 2015

Flash-Mob Heathrow Terminal 2 No 3rd Runway No New Runway
Sun 18th Oct 2015

Wed 4th Oct 2015

Heathrow demands personal data HASRA SHE meeting Environmental Audit Committee Protest Angry Heathrow Neighbours
Mon 19th Oct 2015

'Plane' at Downing Street Reminding Dave Cameron No Ifs, No Buts Parliament Sq Parliament
Mon 12th Oct 2015

Annual General Meeting Flying Dragon Parliament Square Chiswick contingent Saturday Morning
Sat 10th Oct 2015

Parliament Square 10am Saturday No 3rd Runway Protest With Zac Goldsmith MP Neil & Zac
Mon 5th Oct 2015
Preperation The Flying Dragon Plane Conservative Conference Manchester Wakeup Call
Wed 30th Sept 2015

Sat 26th Sept 2015

Colnbrook protest Colnbrook protest Conference time Grass Roots discussion Grow Heathrow
Saturday 19th Sept 2015

Harmondsworth Openday Philip Sherwood talk      
Monday 14th Sept 2015

Sunday 13th Sept 2015

BBC Farmer Roy Barwick Opposition Grows to Heathrow A Service of Hope for the Heathrow Villages Service of Hope
Saturday 12th Sept 2015        
No New Runways John Stewart Christine Taylor Plane Stupid banner  
Monday 31th Aug 2015

Protesters outside John Holland Kaye's house Heathrow CEO £3m house in Oxford 3rd runway will make 1000's homeless Protesters with their posessions Homeless Protesters outside Matt Gormans house
Heathrow's Matt Gormans house, David Cameron's constituency office Witney, Oxfordshire. Nitrogen dioxide monitors    
Friday 28th Aug 2015

Shoreham Airshow Crashed end of runway Filming a SHE meeting No Ifs No Buts, No 3rd Runway Filming on Harmondsworth moor
Sunday 2nd Aug 2015        
Uxbridge supporter no3rdrunway Protesting at Syon Park Protesters Picnic
Sunday 20th July 2015             

Polar bear stopping Cimate Change Plane Stupid protesters Local resident blocking airport tunnel Uxbridge Court protest Plane Stupid at court hearing
Mon 25th July 2015        
MPs go on Holiday Campaigners pack Camerons suitcase 25th July 2015 Cranford Park fair Cranford Park fair  
Mon 20th July 2015        
Armelle Thomas with letter Letter from Mugabe/heathrow heathrow Expansion 3rd runway flight paths Excess Nitrogen DiOxide round heathrow
Sat 11th July 2015        
Hayes carnival SHE display at Hayes carnival Stop Heathrow Expansion Hayes carnival
Thursday 9th July 2015        
Heathrow Primary School John McDonnell MP Meeting John McDonnell MP Meeting Heathrow Primary School  
Sat 4th July 2015        
Summer Fair at Heathrow School Heathrow School Fair   Giving up their time
Wed 1st July 2015        
SHE's Head office SHE get ogether Interviews Justine being interviewed The media decend
Sunday 10th May 2015        
Dying For Clean Air Protest At heathrow Terminal 5 Last Sunday Dying For Clean Air
Friday 29th May 2015        
Flag Day Harmondsworth Flag day in Simpson Flag day at Grow Heathrow Photo by Mark Kerrison 7/3/2015 PolarBears at T2
Sunday 12th April 2015        
Great Barn Day Great Barn Day Great Barn Day Great Barn Day Great Barn Day
Great Barn Day Great Barn Day Great Barn Day Great Barn Day Great Barn Day
Great Barn Day Great Barn Day Great Barn Day    
Harmnodsworth Great Barn Great Barn Built in the 15th Century relics
Saturday 7th March 2015        
SHE Climate Change March SHE Climate Change March Anti Airport Expansion Anti Airport Expansion  
Tuesday 3rd March 2015             

"No 3rd Runway" HACAN Rally Says "No" Zac Goldsmith MP HACAN Rally Says "No" Vince Cable
Tuesday 3rd Feb 2015        
10 Downing Street Downing Street protest MP's against 3rd Runway No If's, No Buts No 3rd Runway
Downing Street protest Downing Street protest      

We won - Cllr Ray Puddifoot

Wiilie Walsh gives evidence

Transport Committee

Anti-3rd Runway
1 Jan 2018

'Stay Grounded' Heathrow Airport
1 Oct 2016

What's Your Alternative Vision for Heathrow?
19 August 2015
Plane Stupid activists at court
20 July 2015
Tunnel protestor fined
2 July 2015
Resident protest against 3rd Runway
SHE: Campaign Video 17 Nov 2014
Kids on Heathrow – by Darion Leigh
17 Nov 2014
Life on Summer House lane – by Jon Gilbert
1 July 2015
Sipson resident responds to Davies
7 March 2015
Polar Bears demonstrate at Terminal 2 #timetoact
17 Nov 2014
More Than Just Numbers – by Cazaubon & Barker
Jan 2009
Dinner at Terminal 1
The 2009 campaign in Linda’s words